choose kurti as per your body shape


How To Choose Ethnic Wear, Designer Kurtis And Tunic As Per Your Body Shape?

Applaud Your Body Shape with Perfect Attire
Every one likes to look beautiful and eye-catching among all and especially women are crazy to look gorgeous. Many women don’t know about their body type & it is very essential step for style your self. Most of Indian women don’t know about their body shape, and dressed up with any attire. If you want to look good and perfect every day choose apparel as per body type. There are many online stores offer different style kurtis, do online shopping for kurtis and tunic but take theses kurti shopping tips before buying online.

Which Is Your Body Shape?
There are five basis body types.

  1. Apple Shape or Oval Shape
  2. Pear-Shape
  3. Square-Shapes
  4. Inverted triangle Shape
  5. Hourglass-Shape

Apple Shape
Apple Shaped women have larger upper body and thin legs. If you have apple body shape you can wear kurti which create an illusion of curvy waist.

Apple Body Shape Women Must Prefer:
Select V-neck pattern  kurti
Belt pattern kurtis
Select cotton kurtis
Choose short kurtis with leggings which draw attention to your slim leg
Mix & match  trendy stole with designer kurti
Choose cool  and dark colors kurtis

Apple Body Shape Women Avoid: 
Avoid Mandarin collar pattern kurti
Avoid Yoke pattern kurti
Avoid patialas bottoms

 Pear Shape
Pear shaped women has wide lower body and thinner upper body. If you have pear body shape selects kurti which draw attention to your shoulder and on your upper body. Most of Indian women has Pear shape body.

Pear Body Shape Women Must Prefer:
Select a-line kurtis
Light color kurti tunic with dark color bottoms which hide lower body
You have many options for neck line because your upper body is slender, choose boat neck, square or mandarin neck pattern
Choose detailed work on shoulder and on front yoke pattern to draw attention to your upper body
Mix & match traditional waistcoat with kurti

Pear Body Shape Women Avoid: 
Avoid skin-tight kurtis
Printed bottoms which draw attention to your lower body

Inverted Triangle Shape
Inverted triangle shaped women have larger upper body like wide shoulders and broad chest. Choose kurti which draw attention to your lower body.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Women Must Prefer:
Strap pattern kurtis
Avoid boat neckline
Choose Embroidered leggings with simple kurtis
Choose plain kurti with printed patiala

Inverted Triangle  Body Shape Women Avoid: 
Avoid broad neck line like boat-neck
Avoid bulky work on shoulder line

Rectangle  Shape
Square shaped women have no curve flat body, most important for them to create illusion of curvy body.

Rectangle Body Shape Women Must Prefer:

Frock style short kurti with skin tight jeans
Sleeveless anarklai kurti with leggings to show your arms
Light color kurti with flare

Rectangle Shape Women Avoid: 
Avoid closefitting kurti

Hourglass-shape women has perfect upper body and lower body with well define waist. You can select any kurti but avoid loose fitting kurti which hide your curve.

Hourglass Body Shape Women Must Prefer:
Loose-fitting kurti will hide your curves choose exact fitting kurtis
Belt pattern kurti which define your curved waist line
lightweight and thin  fabrics kurtis
skinny leggings or straight jeans with kurtis

Hourglass Body Shape Women Avoid: 

Loose fitting kurtis

Choose Kurti according to your body shape

Fashion is frequently changing phenomena since ages. We instantly entice for new fashion trends and forget old fashions. This sequence never stops. Every women love to look gorgeous and appealing with new fashion trends. To look pretty and beautiful first and foremost thing is that women need to understand and appreciate their body. Positive thinking is very important because negative thoughts always wanting something more, you will never be satisfied with what you wear. Second most important thing is to understand your body.

Finding the exact clothing for your body shape is tricky .There are five main body shape hourglass body shape, rectangle body shape, pear body shape and of course, apple and inverted triangle body shape. Choose exact kurti for your body type that flatters you best. But deciding between different cuts, colors, styles, length and fits can be not easy. Here some guidelines to choose right kurti for different body shapes.

What is Apple-Shape?
Apple shape body usually carries their weight around their mid part and medium or large bust size, no waist definition and has a fairly large tummy.

Preferable for Apple-Shape

  • Dark Color kurti to look slim
  • Cotton and silk are familiar fabrics
  • Kurti with simple a-line
  • V-shaped & embellished neckline
  • Embroideries and other beautiful shoulder design
  • Flare and cuff sleeves

What to avoid

  •   Shapeless or loose fitting kurti
  •   Kurti that fall away from the tummy
  • Yoked style kurti that draw attention to your upper body
  •  Patiala and salwar

What is Pear-Shape?
Pear shape body is characterize by smaller shoulders and bust with heavier hips and thighs with waist definition. Many Indian women have pear shape body.

Preferable for Pear-Shape

  • Light color kurti with dark color Patialas to streamline lower body
  • Flare Style Kurti & Anarkali Kurti
  • Kurti with collar pattern, boatneck and Square neck style
  • Printed and textures (stripes, polkadots, sequins) Kurti
  • Bishop and rouched sleeves
  • Prefer longer kurti as they add length to your body

What to avoid

  • Body-hugging fabrics.
  • Tight bottoms that highlight your lower half

What is inverted triangle-shape?
Large shoulders, upper body broad than hips, skinny thighs and little or no waist definition it’s called inverted triangle shape.

Preferable for inverted triangle shape

  • Kurti with soft sleeves like raglans
  • Waist defining kurti
  • Collar-less kurti
  • Horizontal stripes and prints
  • Kurti that flare at the waist
  • Low U and V-necklines

What to avoid

  • Stay away from shoulders pads and strong shoulder details
  • Avoid high necklines
  • Bulky collar pattern

What is Square-Shape?
Square shape body has slight waist definition with same width upper body and hips. Square shape is lacking of curves.

Preferable for Square-Shape

  • Kurtas with broad, deep neck style suits this body type
  • Choose belted kurti which help to create defined waist shape
  • Curving kurti with a tighter waist or squeeze at torso
  • Anarkali style kurti or heavy fabric will add volume to your figure
  • Slim bottoms
  • Semi-fitted clothing, by adding padding and by wear clothing that drape around but tighten at the waist line.
  • Nipped Kurti
  • Kurti with Front panel detail & Pleating

What to Avoid

  • Strait and tight kurti
  • Loose fitting kurti

What is Hourglass-Shape?
Upper body and hips has almost same width with waist definition its called hourglass shape body. This body shape called curvy figure and very popular among teenager girls.

Preferable for Hourglass-Shape

  • Waist-Defining Kurti
  • Narrow Kurti with specific shape at the waist to highlight your figure
  •  Fit and flare kurti with classic work
  • Wear a low and Bust- enhancing necklines to slim down upper body
  •   Straight and bootcut bottom that hug around your hips
  • Prefer kurti that extend just below your hips

What to Avoid

  • Loose and ill-fitted kurti which hide curves
  • Bulky pattern kurti which make you look fat

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